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tonight tonight

14 August
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We found land before our time
Watched it bloodshot up and crumble down
Subconsciously we find
We are predators of afterlife

My dear, next year
Stop by my gravestone
There are still stories you'll want to hear
This stone is not so cold
There are still moments of our bones

We burned the bridges back to our homes
Scattered our saviors ashes over our own
Led by missle light, see
We are so focused, even
Everafter revelations end

You can't wait
Tomorrow to date
To resurrect autonomy
The empire from beyond
An eye to sea
Here an eye for eternity to see

One writes of greek in a language we're unable to speak
From here on I call for a zeitgeist of our time

air drums, air guitar, air vocals, corgan, dylan, lennon - the beatle, strummer